Project poster ready to distribute to fishermen and other stakeholders


The poster has an impressive photo of a Beluga sturgeon and provides general information on the status and conservation needs of sturgeons. The poster, which will be distributed to project target groups and other relevant stakeholders, will ensure that the issue of sturgeon conservation stays present in their daily lives. A calendar for 2014 is also part of the poster. The poster is an essential part of the information packages developed by the project team, also including selected factsheets, booklets and a DVD.

The information materials as well as various giveaways intended to make the project and its core issue visible in fishing regions, are being distributed to fishermen personally by the project’s Sturgeon Advocates at their regular visits in target villages. Information material will also be disseminated by Sturgeon Advocates in second tier fishing villages as well as through fishing inspectors, fishing associations, municipalities of fishing villages, shops for fishing gear and others.

You can download the poster here.

You can download a wallpaper of the calendar here.

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