Film about sturgeon protection launched under the project

WWF’s film “Sturgeons. Protect Danube’s treasure” has been produced as part of the project “Joint actions to raise awareness on overexploitation of Danube sturgeons in Romania and Bulgaria”. The film reminds us that the main reason Danube sturgeons are so highly endangered is the treasure they carry: their caviar. Due to intensive fishing in the past, wild sturgeons are threatened with extinction in the Danube after having already disappeared in many places around the world.

The film also provides general information on the status and conservation needs of sturgeons. The film, which will be distributed to project target groups and other relevant stakeholders, will ensure that the issue of sturgeon conservation stays present in their daily lives. The film is an essential part of the information packages developed by the project team, also including selected factsheets, booklets and a poster.

The information materials as well as various giveaways intended to make the project and its core issue visible in fishing regions, are being distributed to fishermen personally by the project’s Sturgeon Advocates at their regular visits to target villages. Information material will also be disseminated by Sturgeon Advocates in second tier fishing villages as well as through fishing inspectors, fishing associations, municipalities of fishing villages, shops for fishing gear and others.

View the film here.

One thought on “Film about sturgeon protection launched under the project

  1. Richard Hieber

    Es ist meine feste Überzeugung, dass die EG und die beteiligten Staaten diese majestätischen Fische und ihre Lebensräume schützen müssen. Diese Tiere und die Donau und ihre Nebenflüsse gehören zum Tafelsilber des europäischen Naturerbe. Die Verschmutzung der Flüsse mit Pestiziden, Düngemitteln und hormonell wirksamen Substanzen muss deutlich reduziert werden. Das wichtigste ist das Flusssystem Donau für die Wanderfische vom Schwarzen Meer bis nach Ulm wieder passierbar wird, ein Baustop für Wasserkraftwerke und das die Flüsse wieder fließen dürfen.


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